Hi! We are ICOBackers.

We help entrepreneurs launch successful ICOs.

Our team consists of seasoned marketers, developers, fintech advisors and blockchain specialists.

We understand how daunting it can be to launch an idea with an ICO and bring it to reality.

So we are empowering those with great ambition by providing turnkey solutions for complete ICO launches.

Join us and see your idea come to life in the blockchain era.

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The story behind our expertise

ICOBackers was founded by a team of experienced professionals from fields including Finance, Marketing and Blockchain. We are a strategic advisory company which aims to empower those with ambition, to brings their ideas to life with ICOs. Our turnkey solutions ensure that your ICO campaign grows without any challenges and thrives at each stage, from concept creation to token management and marketing to exchange listing.

A culture of success

Our team of experts in marketing, token development, and venture capital ensures that early-stage ideas are brought to life via ICO crowdfunding. We take pride in our culture of success and are selective about our clients in order to ensure value for our network of investors.

ICOBackers is part of Krypton Capital – a leading early – stage venture company focused on Blockchain projects. The companies investment experience ranges across a variety of sectors, including Media, Technology, Blockchain and more.

We provide leading services for successful ICO campaigns, including ICO management software – ICOAdmin.


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    Move Fast

    To stay on top of the game we have to move fast as it allows us to experiment more, learn more, and win more for our clients.

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    Designing the Future

    Our innovative approach to run successful ICOs helps our clients to shape the future with blockchain technologies.

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    Demand Excellence

    We always aim higher. With every new case, challenge, and client we set more ambitious goals for ourselves.

People of ICOBackers


  Ilan Tzorya Advisor

Ilan Tzorya is a seasoned venture capitalist with extensive experience, spanning 10 years, in developing and operating online media marketing, technology platforms, and financial services markets around the world. He is currently the founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, and sees blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a revolutionary step forward, just like the invention of the wheel, the printing press, the light bulb, the private computer and the internet.

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  Delzar Khalaf Advisor

A CEO with 13 years of experience in executing successful projects and 9 profitable ventures behind his back. Co-Founder of some of the most prominent gaming companies in Eastern Europe, XS Software and Yacuba Games, with strong background in Finance, Delzar boasts a full set of skills a successful entrepreneur requires.


Andriy Zinchuk Business Development Partner

With exceptional business acumen, thanks to years of experience at managerial positions in highly-dynamic industries, Andriy efficiently recognizes business development opportunities and challenges, while a results-oriented approach allows him to achieve the desired outcome swiftly.


Inna Chernikova CMO

An avid digital marketing professional and an innovation enthusiast with substantial experience and cross-industry insight, Inna has a proven-track record of utilizing the right tools and strategies to flawlessly gain exposure and elevate a business’s performance.


Gleb Raskin Token Sale Strategy Manager

Gleb seamlessly combines his deep understanding for Digital Marketing and Management with passionate enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency and digital assets industry to become an integral part of our team, where he is establishing and managing comprehensive Token Sale strategies.


Andrei Kovalevskii Token Sale Marketing Advisor

As a devoted ICO and Blockchain marketing expert, Andrei is able to establish a highly-fitting and efficient strategy, so to create the right project concept and image, thus successfully opening the doors for collaborations between ICO operators and investors.


Dmytro Zinchuk Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing is Dmytro’s area of expertise, where his open-minded approach allows him to effectively identify and apply precisely the right strategies to turn a creative vision in to a unique, functioning concept for stellar marketing performance.


Aleksey Kuprin Business Process Manager

Aleksey’s project management skills and experience are invaluable when it comes to business development and operations, as he excels in a wide range of activities, including market research and providing efficient UX/UI solutions to enhance product and service advancements.


Vladimir Yelizarov Business Process Manager

With an extensive economic and project management background, Vladimir possesses a number of fundamental skills to navigate business operations with ease and efficiency, while his Digital Marketing experience further aids to his ability to deliver thorough business solutions.

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Life at ICOBackers

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    Top-Tier Peers

    Work with an international team of experts for multiple industries.

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    Professional Development

    Become a part of our culture of success and gain valuable experience in our fast-paced work environment.

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    We believe work should be fun. You get to enjoy a great office location, in-house refreshments, blockchain conferences, and TGIF parties.

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